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Meet AVA, your personal nutrition coach

AVA is an intelligent coaching platform that helps you achieve your nutritional goals. AVA understands your unique habits and provides daily nutrition recommendations based on what you like to eat, what you've eaten in the past, your location and access to food.

With AVA, you eat what you want but see your future meal recommendations adjust to balance out each day. Enjoy those favorite meals at home or dining out. AVA will identify space for small, effective changes to support your goals.

Most importantly, AVA gives you real time support, motivating you through difficult times and helping you become the best version of yourself.

I was surprised at how much it felt like AVA was invested in my success. Weight loss is such an individual path, but AVA supported me, encouraged me, and helped me realize that I’m not in this alone. I can’t wait to continue my plan.

Current Programs

AVA has redesigned personalized healthy eating programs and offers exceptional two-week class experiences. Jump-start your wellness journey towards lasting change.

Intelligent Eating

When it's less about weight loss and more about a balanced lifestyle, AVA helps you focus on overall wellness, including clean eating, reducing processed foods or testing out popular nutrition trends.

Weight Loss

AVA's premier weight loss program gives you the jumpstart you need. With adaptive meal plans, automated tracking, and real time support, we'll help you reach your goal and keep the weight off.

Ketogenic Diet

Designed to help you manage weight loss, fitness and optimize body composition, AVA offers accurate macro & net-carbohydrate tracking with clinically sound advice for personalized results.

Future Programs

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High Performance Training

Diabetes Management



AVA for Health Conditions


Why AVA Works

AVA is the first program that provides a high level of personalization through the combination of expert nutrition coaching and cutting edge technology in the field of artificial intelligence. AVA has the ability to understand your unique needs and provide a convenient, yet highly effective program customized to your needs.

Most importantly, AVA is your motivational support to help you achieve your nutrition goals.



Each day is personalized

AVA’s nutrition calculations factor in more lifestyle variables to allow greater personalization of meal recommendations, yielding faster initial weight loss results.*

Meaningful support and coaching

AVA is run by credentialed experts using evidence-based nutrition guidelines and validated algorithms for specific preferences, needs and conditions. 

Mastering the big picture

AVA partners with you to focus on overall wellness and healthy behavior change, continually evaluating a variety of factors necessary for meaningful results. Each program is designed to promote sustained, long-term weight loss.

Convenient tracking & auto estimates

AVA provides automatic and accurate nutrition estimates of your meals by simply taking a photo. Whether it's simple items or complex dishes, no more searching databases or guessing portion sizes. 


With AVA I’m definitely on a healthier path. I’m far from perfect, but AVA’s helping me figure out how to balance out the days that are more challenging to stay on track. Of course I feel great about the weight I’m losing with AVA, but I’m even happier that I’m feeling more like my old self.

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